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It’s time to take control of your dissertation and create something you can be proud of.

Helping Undergrad, Postgrad and PhD students face their fears, overcome procrastination, and achieve their academic dreams!

Book in for a free Dissertation Coffee Session with me and let’s discuss how I can support you on your dissertation journey.


Any of these sound familiar?

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You are feeling overwhelmed by planning or managing your dissertation?


You wish you had a roadmap to guide and support you?


You are not receiving adequate support from your assigned supervisor?


You are worried about getting everything completed on time?


You are working hard trying to juggle everything, but feel like you are making little to no progress?


Imagine handing in your dissertation with time to spare, knowing it's your best work and you completed it with confidence and ease.

That's exactly how my clients feel when they

work with me!


Let's work together

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“To be honest, the dissertation writing process is challenging (to put it nicely) and certainly demanding but somehow the “Master your dissertation” coaching program made it fun and achievable. This program offered me support, encouragement and helped me stay on track until I finished my dissertation. I still believe that I couldn’t have done it if I hadn’t registered for this program.”


“The “Master your dissertation” coaching program was immensely helpful. It helped me prioritize my huge academic to-do-list, it provided weekly boost and encouragement that no one else gave me. I highly recommend enrolling in this program not only because of the psychological benefits that you will see in yourself but also because it is the only reason I finally managed to finish my dissertation.”


“When I first started researching my topic I got confused. I read a lot but wrote nothing. The literature review coaching program helped me significantly with clarifying my topic and teaching me ways to research and review all the available literature I could find. The guidance and the knowledge shared in this program are invaluable. After finishing this chapter, the rest of the dissertation took its way.”


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