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About Me

My name is Maria, and I work as a Dissertation Coach.


After some thinking, I decided to write a somewhat different 'about me' page; different from what you are used to; closer to me and who I am because I need to share how I came to be a dissertation coach and what it means to me.

So let me start!

I've always been a dissertation coach working with students to help them manage their time, break down the dissertation process into manageable chunks, schedule their day, find resources and ways to study, and encourage them to finish their dissertation no matter how challenging it was, and so on.

No, not professionally, but simply as a part of who I've always been and my passion for reading, studying, learning, helping, sharing...

I've always found the process of completing a dissertation to be both challenging and rewarding!

When I think back, I realize that I never considered this part of me as being anything special or unique. 

My epiphany came when I realized that not everyone thinks the same way I do!

Students contacted me to see if I could help them complete their dissertations. They were overwhelmed, stressed out, feeling stuck, and worried that they wouldn't make it, so I did what I did best: supported and guided them throughout their dissertation journey.

And these students went on to recommend me to their friends, who in turn told their friends, who told their friends, etc. So, I was always coaching a student!

I was doing it because just seeing the joy on the students' faces as they handed in their dissertations and moved on with their lives, becoming better students and people, made me happy and excited!

Then it struck me!

What if I started a business out of it?

And I did!

You see, there came a time when I realized who I am and what I'm naturally good at, how I can help higher education students, and owning precisely that!

I realized it was something students already valued in me.

As a result, I am now offering fully-customized dissertation coaching services to Postgraduate and Ph.D. English and Greek-speaking students.

Finally, I want to share some details about my academic background...

I graduated from Deree College with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, and I went on to complete my Master's in Marketing Communications at Bournemouth University.

I later decided to study again, only this time in the field of Early Childhood Learning, which I find fascinating. 

I love learning new things and have been drawn to books, research, and learning for as long as I can remember!

It makes no difference if you haven’t started yet, are at the beginning, middle, or nearing the end of your dissertation journey.


We can make this work!

Copy of Gold Marble Luxury Real Estate Agent Facebook Cover (Επαγγελματική κάρτα) (828 x 3

For the past 10 years I have been helping students successfully finish their dissertation, using all my acquired knowledge and experience. 

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“At first I felt very overwhelmed, I kept changing the topic, I couldn’t sit down and write because I didn’t know what to write about. Enrolling in the “Master your dissertation” coaching program was an amazing experience. We had regular meetings and daily feedback, it helped me organize my work, it kept me consistent in my writing and finally, everything about my dissertation became clear! I really enjoyed working closely with my coach and the best of all is that I completed my dissertation successfully and on time.”


“I still can’t believe I handed in my dissertation. Neither does my mom! This program turned my dissertation from an unpleasant experience into a doable goal. When I first found out about the “Master your dissertation” coaching program, I was sure that it wouldn’t help me. And I am happy to say that I was wrong! This is the reason I am writing this testimonial. I was really convinced that I would never finish my dissertation. I had given up and I had accepted that. Until the magic happened. I booked a free call and after that, a roadmap with an accurate plan of actions was sent to me. Along with a reward system to keep me consistent and accountable. All these “features” as I like to call them, made me work hard and start progressing steadily. That’s how I am now writing this testimonial.”


“Making steps forward was something difficult for me. I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused. My dissertation journey seemed endless. Every plan I tried to follow, ended up in procrastination and no progress at all. The “Master your dissertation” coaching program felt like it was made for me. And it was! I finally had someone who believed in me and really wanted to see me succeed. Someone who developed a system to track my progress, to set achievable goals, to learn new skills and strategies that helped me become more organized and to stay on track. This program helped me believe in my abilities and in myself. It’s time to enrol if you want to finish your dissertation.”


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