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What's it all about?

A 2-hour intensive online 1 on 1 coaching session that will help you identify and analyze together what works and what doesn’t work, what your current mindset about your dissertation is, if there is something holding you back and what is your current position. 

This will help you get an overview of where you are right now in your dissertation journey and what your next steps could be in order to hand in your dissertation successfully!

This coaching session is designed to help you get in perspective and feel completely confident that you can do it, you can finish your dissertation. 

What's does the 2-hour intensive call offer?

It offers a brief overview of your dissertation journey...

  1. A roadmap to follow in order to get to the end of your journey

  2. Identify chapters/areas that need more work

  3. Go over the systems you use

  4. Create a writing plan in order to make writing your new habit

What's included?


01. A 2-hour intensive online private coaching call


02. Daily email access to me for 2 weeks after our session


03. Create an accountability plan for the next two weeks after our session to help you feel supported, focused and motivated.

What's the investment?

The right support, motivation and accountability can have stunning results on your dissertation journey.


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Plus, if you enjoy our intensive session a little bit too much and you believe that I could help you even more then you can register in one of my monthly 1 on 1 coaching programs by clicking here
If you decide to join one of my Coaching Lab programs I will credit the cost of your session against your chosen Coaching Program.

Your MINDSETLimiting beliefs, Lack of self-confidence or whatever is on your mind


Your DIRECTIONBe confident that you know what your next steps will be in order to finish your dissertation on time


Your SYSTEMSStop feeling overwhelmed and unorganized 


Your FOCUSDecide on which tasks you should focus on depending on where you are in your dissertation journey

Your TOPICSelect your topic and narrow down what would be an interesting topic to write about

We can work on...
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