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Master Your Dissertation Lab

The Master Your Dissertation Lab is a monthly one-on-one coaching program for a student who's serious about their dissertation and creating excellent work.

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Are you confused over where to start and is fear starting to set in that maybe you won't make your deadline?

Are you struggling with lack of motivation and not sure what to focus on?


Is multitasking or perfectionism hindering your progress and creating unnecessary stress?


Any of these sound familiar?

It's time to end the delay tactics in getting to work on your dissertation and make a positive and sustainable plan of action.

I've worked with students in several countries completing their dissertation and I know first hand how stressful it can be.

I understand the pressure of juggling life/work/family demands with completing research or attempting literature reviews.

Through all my experience I've learnt that completing your dissertation really doesn't need to feel so hard. With my help, it can be a positive and even enjoyable experience, that you can feel truly proud of.

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How this program can help you...


  • Thoroughly explain the process and the steps of a dissertation with a roadmap and a finishing line

  • Teach you how to structure the process and create manageable work plans for each section

  • Provide guidance and support to enable you to communicate effectively with your supervisor

  • Overcome every mental barrier to finishing your dissertation, like stress or perfectionism, anxiety, fear, negative self-talk and procrastination

  • Break down into steps the whole process so that you can make tangible progress that feels manageable 

  • Offers a 100% tailored coaching experience to you, based on your needs and lifestyle

  • Identify and upgrade any beliefs and habits that don’t serve to keep you productive and motivated

  • Hold you accountable to specific goals, both on a weekly and monthly basis 

  • Set realistic short and long term goals

  • Teach you how to manage negative self-talk that is interfering with your productivity and efficiency

  • Help you re-engage in your dissertation and feel confident that you can finish it on time

  • Help you re-establish contact with your supervisor

  • Support and encourage you throughout your dissertation journey

  • Offer support and accountability in order to assist you to reach the finishing line on time

Imagine confidently completing your dissertation on time and with minimal stress and overwhelm.
You can do this, you just need someone to guide and support you.

What does this program include? 


01. An overall structure of your dissertation process which includes a master timeline and weekly action plans in order to get a sense of how long it will take you to finish and also have a clear set of tasks you will be asked to complete on a weekly basis. 


02. Weekly 60-minute online meetings (via Zoom) to review your progress, discuss any questions that may come up, overcome any obstacle or challenge that may show up, and set new goals.


03. Daily communication via Trello to keep you motivated and on track, to support and encourage you to continue taking action.

There is no better time to finish your dissertation than NOW.

Let’s work together to make it happen!

€ 900 per month
[payment plans available]

Schedule a FREE Dissertation Coffee Session
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