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Don't you think it's time to take control of your dissertation & create something that you can be proud of?
  • Has it been a long time since you last wrote something for your dissertation and feel out of practice?

  • Have you been putting off dissertation related tasks and now you have reached a point where you feel overwhelmed by everything?

  • Are you confused over where to start and you wish you had a roadmap to guide and support you?

  • Do you believe now is the time to finish with your dissertation?

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Together, we can make it!
  • ​Together, we can structure your dissertation process and come up with manageable work plans for each section of your dissertation, based on your lifestyle and your needs. 

  • Together, we will identify and upgrade any beliefs & habits that don't serve to keep you productive and motivated. 

And I can help you even more...
  • ​By helping you re-establish contact with your supervisor or commiittee.

  • By holding you accountable to specific goals.

  • By supporting and encouraging you throughout the dissertation process because I know how easy and tempting it can be to give up.

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Imagine confidently completing your dissertation on time & with minimal stress and overwhelm
There is no better time to finish your dissertation than NOW.
Let’s work together to make it happen!
Click here to book a 20-minute call with me.
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