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The 3-month Bridge Builder

The 3-month Bridge Builder is a monthly one-on-one coaching program for students who are serious about their dissertation and want to craft a dissertation they will be excited to submit!

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Are you struggling to complete your dissertation?

Are you tired of feeling like you've hit a dead-end with your research?


Feel like you're alone on this journey?

Are you feeling stuck with your dissertation?


Any of these sound familiar?

You're this close to completing your dissertation, but you've hit that pesky roadblock and can't seem to find your way around it.

You're not the only one who feels this way...

Dissertation roadblocks are super common, and that's precisely why u created something amazing just for you: The 3-Month Bridge Builder one-on-one Coaching Program.

My Bridge Builder Program is specially designed to help you tackle those pain points in your dissertation writing process - no more sleepless nights, endless procrastination, or feeling lost during this journey!

There's a limited number of spots available right now, and spots are filling up fast

Think about it, but I'm sure you don't want to miss this once-on-a-lifetime opportunity to turn your dissertation roadblock into a thing of the past.

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My Powerful Four-Step Process to Build Your Dissertation Bridge.


1. Defining the Canyon.


In our initial 90-minute call, we'll explore your academic journey and successes thus far and understand the goals and vision for your dissertation. By identifying the gap between you and completion, we'll establish a strong starting point for your coaching journey.

2. Structuring the Dissertation Process.

My program provides a master timeline and tailored weekly action plans, giving you a clear sense of how long it will take you to finish and a well-defined set of tasks to complete each week.

3. Weekly 60-minute Online Sessions.

To keep you on track and fully supported, we'll schedule weekly one-hour Zoom coaching sessions to review your progress, address any questions, overcome obstacles and set new goals. 

4. Daily Communication via Trello.

Ensuring your motivation and progress remain high, we'll be communicating daily through Trello to support, encourage, give feedback, and cheer you on throughout your dissertation journey. For those who don't know what Trello is, let me explain. It's a web-based tool that makes project management a breeze by breaking it down into manageable tasks and tracking progress in real-time.  

Key Features of the 3-month Bridge Builder


01. Personalized Attention

I will be by your side, providing tailored guidance and support every step of the way. No more generic advice or cookie-cutter solutions - I'll help you find the perfect strategy to conquer your specific roadblock and get your dissertation back on track.


02. Goal Setting and Actionable Steps

We'll establish clear timeliness and set achievable goals for your dissertation completion. My customized action plans will have you making steady progress and hitting those critical milestones on time and with confidence. 


03. Ongoing Support & Accountability

Consistent communication with me keeps you engaged and motivated while ensuring you're focused on achieving success. I will serve as your personal cheerleader and accountability partner - you'll never feel alone in this process again! 

Communication & Daily Motivation

Say goodbye to feeling isolated in your dissertation journey. With this program, regular checks and daily motivation ensure you're receiving the encouragement you need to stay on target and make progress faster than ever before. 

Why enroll now?

Remember that feeling when you just started your program, full of excitement and passion to make a difference in your field? It's not too late to reignite that fire! The 3-month Bridge Builder is your ticket back to that mindset!

But spots are limited.

And I just want to take a moment to emphasize the reason why the spots for my program are limited to just a handful of students.

You see, I'm all about delivering the best possible services to the students I work with.

I want to give my undivided attention to each and every one of you. I am committed to delivering high-quality value to you and your dissertation journey. My services are not cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all kind of help. I customize and tailor them to you, your schedule, and your attitude. I believe in taking the time to truly understand your unique needs and challenges so that I can provide the best possible guidance and support. 

So, if you want to work with me, grab a spot while you can because once they're gone, they're gone!

Seize this amazing opportunity to step out of the shadows and create the success you deserve!

I understand that your dissertation is a significant investment of time and energy.

With the 3-month Bridge Builder, you'll receive the support and guidance you deserve to not only remove those roadblocks but also to make your work stand out from the crowd. 

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Imagine looking back and feeling confident that you made the best choice when it mattered most. 

Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Are you feeling a bit hesitant about whether the 3-month Bridge Builder is the right fit for you?

Don't worry; I totally get it!

That's why I'm offering a completely free and casual 15-minute Dissertation Coffee Session with me, just so we can chat and see if we vibe. 

I'm all about working with students who are dedicated and passionate about succeeding so let's make sure we're on the same page before diving in.

Who knows, maybe we;ll even ignite a little fire during our chat!

So, do go ahead and schedule your free session with me and let's see if we're a match made in academic heaven!

If you're feeling ready to bridge the gap to your dissertation success, then it's time to cross the canyon and achieve the academic success you deserve. 

So, don't wait any longer.

Take the first step towards completing your dissertation with the 3-month Bridge Builder.

There is no better time to finish your dissertation than NOW.

Let’s work together to make it happen!
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